My senior thesis was an I Spy exhibition and book made up of personal objects, images and clippings. This was a four month long project structured and organized entirely by me.
I found inspiration for my thesis while rifling through my childhood belongings and finding my collection of I Spy Books, written by Jean Marzollo and illustrated by Walter Wick. This was when the idea struck: could I make an I Spy book out of my own belongings? And furthermore, could I create an immersive I Spy experience?
I decided to make collages of scenes made up of my photographs, scans and personal objects. These collages where accompanied by poetry I wrote following the I Spy book poetic formula.
Because the objects being collaged were personal belongings, I wanted the poem and each spread to be about a different stages of my life (i.e childhood, school, summer camp, college, etc.)
I sourced my images from my collection of magazines, photographs and random scraps of paper that I scanned and edited in photoshop . As well as photographs I took of different knick knacks lying around my room.
The opportunity to have a thesis show presented itself and I took it. I had a clear vision of what I wanted: an interactive I Spy exhibit. I wanted visitors to be able to play a giant version of I Spy together.
 I decided to make a large I Spy poster. This poster was a digital assembly of images tightly packed together. The final poster was about 3x6 feet large and covered the back wall of my exhibition space.
On the back of my promotional postcard was a checklist of objects hidden in the poster, visitors were invited to get up close to my poster and find all of the hidden items.
I wanted the space to reflect a nostalgic feeling so I filled the empty space with photos and personal items
This project was a culmination of my learning at university and in itself a learning experience. I had never conceptualized, planned out and executed a project all by myself before. It was a challenge but from it I gleaned experience being my own project manager and critic. It propelled me forward into graduation with new confidence.
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