Xhibition is magazine for graphic artists that I created. Each issue features interviews with talented up-and-coming artists, reviews on exhibitions, websites and events, resources and current events.
When brainstorming design ideas for Xhibition I looked through a TON of magazines. I wanted to get a feel for what a typical layout looked like, how large images where etc. I then began drafting, I spent a lot of time focusing on my masthead, I wanted the “X” to be the trademark symbol for the magazine.
I wanted to create an unusual table of contents for my magazine. Because the magazine would cover 4 topics in each issue (resources, current events, reviews and artist profiles) I used the logo mark "X" to form the devisions between each section creating a unique and edgy table of contents spread.
My faux feature article was an interview with illustrator Rose Wong. Her illustrations are what populate the cover of my magazine and embellish the pages of the article and interacting with the text.
This project, though difficult, really helped me to familiarize myself with InDesign. I got over my my fear of complex typography by diving headfirst into it.
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