Introducing Poisson Bonbon, a line of gourmet candy fish packaged in traditional sardine cans! 
For this project I sought inspiration from the inventor of modern canning himself: Nicholas Appert. Appert was a French confectioner and released his method of sealing and preserving food in 1809. To honor Appert and his history of candy making I wanted to create a candy fish packaged in a can.

Preliminary design sketches from my sketchbook

I wanted to make my design flexible to accommodate new flavors. By changing small elements in the packaging I could quickly customize my tins for different flavors, in this case, blueberry and raspberry.
Synthesizing my original concepts into actualized package designs was a challenge. My ideas underwent many revisions before arriving at the final concept. Throughout this experience I learned how to plan for and execute a package design and how to take irregular forms into consideration and design around them. I am very proud of the end results.
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